Coming LIVE to Indianapolis March 14


Revelation Speaks Peace: Coming Topics


Friday, March 28: The Coming of the Lawless OneBible prophecy predicts at time when iniquity and lawlessness would abound.  We’ll be looking at material that helps us understand the major last-day issues surrounding the antichrist.


Saturday, March 29:  The Sign of God.  Revelation 14 has an urgent last-day message for the world.  What is it?


Sunday, March 30:  Revelation’s Forgotten HistoryThere is a passage that almost everybody is certain can be found in scripture.  Can it?  Does it matter?


Monday, March 31NO MEETING


Tuesday, April 1:  A River Runs Through It.  There is a close tie between the books of Genesis and Revelation - and a thread that runs the distance between the two books, all the way through scripture.


Wednesday, April 2: Babylon Rising:  Revelation 13 describes the rise of a beast power.  Who or what is it?


Thursday, April 3:  NO MEETING


Friday, April 4:  Revelation’s Keys of DeathWhat actually happens at the very moment you die?  How does it factor into Bible prophecy?


Saturday April 5:  EXTRA MEETING!!!  The Fall of Babylon - 10:30am.  Revelation 18 says that last-day Babylon eventually collapses.  How can you avoid being involved?


Saturday , April 5:  God’s Strange Act.  7:00pm.  At the very last moment, God does something very unusual in order to deal with evil.


Sunday, April 6:  A Desolate Planet.  The future promises that our planet is not only in upheaval - at some moment, it becomes a wasteland.


Thank you for coming!  Remember to periodically check our website, revelationspeakspeace.com for updates and announcements.


Pastor Shawn Boonstra is the Speaker for the Voice of Prophecy media ministry.  His live seminars have been a source of inspiration around the globe. His clear grasp of Scripture and keen understanding of current events will give you peace of mind in a troubled world, and his warm, dynamic presentations will inspire you. Shawn has shared the gospel on six continents to hundreds of thousands of individuals over the last two decades. The Voice of Prophecy has been on the air for nearly 85 years. The broadcast has been heard in dozens of languages on more than a 1,000 stations worldwide. The ministry continues to develop cutting-edge methods to share the timeless promises of Scripture.


The Revelation Speaks Peace Seminar is FREE to the general public. Registration is at the door. Please plan to arrive early to ensure a seat in the auditorium.


All meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. There are no longer 5:00 p.m. seminars.


Revelation Speaks Peace will be held at the Farm Bureau Building located at the Indiana State Fairgrounds at:


1202 E. 38th St.

Indianapolis, IN 46205